see phoresis.

Online Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology. . 2005.

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  • phoresy — 1923, from Fr. phorésie (1896), from Gk. phoresis being carried, from pherein to carry (see INFER (Cf. infer)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • phoresy — /fawr euh see/, n. Zool. (among insects and arachnids) a nonparasitic relationship in which one species is carried about by another. [1920 25; < NL phoresia < Gk phóres(is) a wearing (phore , verbid s. of phoreîn, durative of phérein to BEAR1 +… …   Universalium

  • phoresy — noun a symbiotic relationship between two different organisms in which the larger (the host) transports the smaller (the guest) …   Wiktionary

  • phoresy — SYN: phoresis (2) …   Medical dictionary

  • phoresy — [fə ri:si, fɒrəsi] noun Zoology an association in which one organism travels on the body of another, without being a parasite. Derivatives phoretic fə rɛtɪk adjective Origin 1920s: from Fr. phorésie, from Gk phorēsis being carried …   English new terms dictionary

  • phoresy — phor·e·sy …   English syllables

  • phoresy — n. Biol. an association in which one organism is carried by another, without being a parasite. Derivatives: phoretic adj. Etymology: F phoreacutesie f. Gk phoresis being carried …   Useful english dictionary

  • Commensalism — A titan triggerfish (Balistoides viridescens) creates feeding opportunities for smaller fish by moving large rocks too big for them to shift themselves. In ecology, commensalism is a class of relationship between two organisms where one organism… …   Wikipedia

  • arachnid — arachnidan /euh rak ni deuhn/, adj., n. /euh rak nid/, n. 1. any wingless, carnivorous arthropod of the class Arachnida, including spiders, scorpions, mites, ticks, and daddy longlegs, having a body divided into two parts, the cephalothorax and… …   Universalium

  • phoretic — fəˈred.ik adjective Etymology: from phoresy, after such pairs as English heresy : heretic : of, relating to, or exhibiting phoresy …   Useful english dictionary

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